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ROMAN blank parts only

ROMAN blank parts only

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3 piece blanks for 6ft class trout.
Suitable for casting lures of 3 to 15g, and can also be used for targets other than trout.

Name printed just like the product

Please purchase this for making your own rod.
You can create an original rod with a spinning version or your favorite thread color that is not available in the finished product.

Please select a ferrule with an inner diameter of 7.2 mm (sold separately).

A rod bag is not included, so please purchase it separately.

Total length: 1690mm
Tip diameter: approx. 1.9mm
Original diameter: approx. 7.1mm

<Recommended guide settings>
●Bait setting usage guide/guide spacing

1G: T-KTSG5.5/80mm
2G: T-KTSG5.5/90mm
3G: T-KTSG5.5/100mm
4G: T-KTSG5.5/115mm
5G: T-KTSG5.5/130mm
6G: T-KTSG5.5/150mm
7G: T-KTSG6/170mm
8G: PKLWSG8/200mm
9G: PKLWSG10/245mm

●Spinning setting usage guide/guide spacing

1G: T-KTSG5.5/100mm
2G: T-KTSG5.5/105mm
3G: T-KTSG5.5/115mm
4G: T-KTSG6/125mm
5G: T-KTSG7/160mm
6G: T-KLSG7M/175mm
7G: PKLSG8H/185mm
8G: PKLSG16H/225mm
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