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Toho Sangyo/Magic Coat 3-piece set

Toho Sangyo/Magic Coat 3-piece set

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●Even when dry grinding, there is no clogging and it is easy to use.There is no need for wet grinding, and you can work while directly checking the grinding condition, so you can significantly reduce work time without worrying about over-grinding or leaving some areas unsharpened.

●Because it is made of cloth, it can easily and cleanly polish even on curved surfaces.The cloth is soft, so it conforms well to curved surfaces and can polish areas that are difficult to polish with paper.

●The abrasives are less likely to peel off, and can be used repeatedly, making them long-lasting, which means they are also inexpensive to run.

●The polishing marks are uniform, so you can grind evenly and firmly, which means the paint will adhere well and produce a beautiful finish.

■Size (common): 170mm x 130mm (can be cut in half along the perforation)

■Uses: Polishing graphite, glass, etc., and preparing surfaces before painting, etc.
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