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Toho Industry/Spacer Tape

Toho Industry/Spacer Tape

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This strong adhesive tape is ideal for filling gaps between blanks and pipe sheets, grips, etc. It can also fill thin gaps that cannot be filled with an arbor.

12mm: 600 yen (excluding tax)
19mm: 700 yen (excluding tax)

<How to use>
① Wind the "spacer tape" around the blank at intervals to match the inner diameter of the pipe seat, grip, etc. Insert the pipe seat, grip, etc. and adjust the thickness so that there is no play.

② Apply the separately sold epoxy adhesive "Grip Bond" and insert and bond the pipe sheet, grip, etc. while rotating them so that the adhesive spreads evenly. Please follow the adhesive's instruction manual for instructions on how to use the adhesive.
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