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Hitotoki Works

Custom Handle Knob Ebony

Custom Handle Knob Ebony

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A specially crafted handle knob with the Hitotoki Works logo printed on the entire knob cap.

The wood is ebony, which goes well with any grip.

The logo is shot printed without adding any color, giving it a subtle impression.

You can take cool photos with fish.

Can be attached to Shimano handle knob Type A and Daiwa handle knob S size handle.
Please note that this cannot be attached to Abu or Isuzu reels.

*1. The second and third images are installation examples, and do not include the reel or handle. Also, there is only one product.

*2. Please note that minor scratches may occur during the manufacturing process.

<About installation>
-When installing on a Daiwa handle, insert the adjustment collar (sold separately) into the base of the handle shaft.

-If there is a lot of rattling after installation, use the included adjustment washers to adjust it to reduce rattling.

<About accessories>
・Gift box ・Instruction manual ・Adjustment washers (0.1 mm: 2 pieces, 0.03 mm: 1 piece, 0.3 mm: 1 piece)
- Cap locking O-ring (the cap will not loosen even if not installed, but if you are worried, please install it)

Outer diameter: Outer diameter Φ17 on the logo cap side, outer diameter Φ15 on the reel side, shaped minimum outer diameter Φ13.5
Total length: Approx. 36mm
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