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Hitotoki Works

[Enshu Cotton Tsumugi] Cloth bag for trout single handle

[Enshu Cotton Tsumugi] Cloth bag for trout single handle

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Cloth bag for single handle by Hitotoki Works

Textiles are a traditional industry in Hamamatsu City, where Hitotoki Works is located.
Made in Japan products using "Enshu Cotton Tsumugi" that is still made by hand by craftsmen

The striped pattern, a feature of Enshu cotton tsumugi, is a special feature of this bag, which harmonizes both Japanese and Western styles and expresses the nature of the earth.

Not only is it made from a single piece of fabric, but the lining is also glued together to create a luxurious and thick bag.

Large beads are used for the stopper.

Color: A bright color that evokes the spring of "Kozakura" (small cherry blossoms) Color: Earth

Classic, Western-style, mature colors

<Product specifications>
Color: Choose from either Kozakura or Daichi Total length: 340mm
Width: 70mm

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