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Hitotoki Works

Carbon Rod Case

Carbon Rod Case

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full length
Rod cases make up a large proportion of the weight of your luggage.

Developed using carbon material with the aim of being extremely light and durable.

The 500mm size weighs just 218g, and the 650mm size weighs just 255g.

The inner diameter is 49mm, so up to two rods can be stored without any problems even with the bag attached.

The Hitotoki Works logo is engraved on the upper aluminum cap using a CNC lathe to create a luxurious feel.
The O-ring also prevents the cap from becoming loose and getting lost.

Total length: 2 types: 500mm (inner dimension 490mm) and 650mm (inner dimension 640mm)

<Sales price>
500mm: 13,000 yen (excluding tax)
650mm: 14,000 yen (excluding tax)

*1 GLASSY can be stored in a 500mm size.
*2 WICKMAN and ROMAN can be stored in a 650mm size.
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