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Aluminum reel seat ARS-14

Aluminum reel seat ARS-14

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Aluminum reel seat.
Type without blank touch hole.

By attaching the grip joint system, it becomes a stylish grip.
If you assemble it using the pattern in the installation example, you will end up with a lightweight grip weighing about 110g.
*The fourth image is an installation example.

As this is an imported product, there may be small scratches or discoloration on the surface.
Please note.

Total length: 112.5mm
Inner diameter: Φ14mm
Weight: 57g

<Regarding assembly>

When using an aluminum reel seat, the following rear grips are suitable.
1. Cork grip C27SHG-11
2. Burlwood Grip BR27SHG-11
3. Blackwood Grip BK27SHG-11
4. Gun Grip MW-GUN

The inner diameter of all rear grips is 11mm, so the carbon pipe that passes through the inside of the grip must have an outer diameter of 11mm.
There will be a gap between the 11mm outer diameter carbon pipe and the aluminum reel seat (14mm inner diameter), so it will be necessary to fill the gap with spacer tape or something similar.
The spacer tape is applied to the carbon pipe, leaving gaps in about three places so that it is not too loose or too tight, and then glued to the reel seat.
There will also be a gap with the grip joint system at the tip, so please fill the gap as shown in the video below.

The parts required for the grip are as follows:

・Grip Joint System GJS
・Aluminum reel seat ARS-14
・Carbon pipe 3KCP16-11
-Wood grip or gun grip -Bat end cap BE27-5 *Not necessary when using gun grip as the rear grip.
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