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RUNTMAN blank parts only

RUNTMAN blank parts only

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Blanks for mountain stream lures with low elasticity carbon + thin and thick design

Name printed just like the product

Please purchase this for making your own rod.
You can create an original rod with a spinning version or your favorite thread color that is not available in the finished product.

Even with a super short length of 950mm, the blank becomes like a whip due to the low elasticity carbon.

Thanks to the length that allows flip casting, you will be addicted to the fun of being able to hit the lure into a pin spot even when surrounded by trees and rocks.

Its short length minimizes power loss, making it a great choice for anglers.
Accurately transmits lure action to the lure, allowing intense twitching.

Blanks were developed at a domestic carbon factory that Japan is proud of.
Made in JAPAN products

Only black painting is done, and ferrules etc. are not attached.

<Product specifications>
Tip diameter: Φ1.4 (Please purchase the top guide with a pipe inner diameter of 1.5 mm)
Original diameter: Φ5.5
*Please use an aluminum inner ferrule with an inner diameter of 5.6 mm.

Compatible lure: 1-7g
Compatible line: 4-10lb
Action: Medium
Power: UL
Number of parts: 1 piece
Weight: Approximately 8 grams
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