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Hitotoki Works

K6Arts/IGNA 50S Tsureruyatu Chart

K6Arts/IGNA 50S Tsureruyatu Chart

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Hitotoki Works' first injection lure, the IGNA50S.

With small twitches, the lure repeats table turns like an underwater dog walk.

By varying the strength of the twitch, you can lure the fish by mixing sideways slides and turns.

When the current is flowing against your standing position, a vertical jerk, lifting the lure as if flicking it while releasing a small amount of line slack, will allow the lure to continue flying sideways in the same position.

When it falls it stays horizontal and flutters, giving the fish time to bite and making it comfortable to use in shallow waters.

The chart back is highly visible and the body has a plated look to it.
It can be used in any situation and has a pilot-like color scheme.
This is definitely a color that will catch fish! So I named the color "Tsureru Yatsu Chart."

<Product specifications>
Total length: 50mm
Weight: Approx. 5g
Included hook: Single hook GEN/S size
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