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ferrule collar
3'7” glass tubular rod when combined with 235mm handle.

The lineup includes two types: bait and spinning.

Anyway, it's fun to cast, and since the rod bends well, you can have fun interacting with even small fish.

It turned out that the UD glasses that are popular in the market produce RUNTMAN with poor performance, so we adopted [S glasses], which are strong like glasses.

It was designed by Kamimura, a rod designer who doesn't like strong glass, so it is flexible but has a firm tension to improve the operability of the lure, allowing active lure operation.

With a closing size of 47 cm and excellent portability, it is also recommended for headwater fishing!

Because the rod flexes, the reel's drag is tight, the line system is set so it doesn't stretch, and the thin shaft hook is set to increase the hooking rate.

Once you hook it, the shock absorption power of the glass will reduce the chances of it falling apart!

Blanks were developed at a domestic carbon factory that Japan is proud of.
Made in JAPAN products

*The handle is not included, so please purchase it separately.

・You can choose the ferrule color from black or silver.

<Product specifications>
Total length: approx. 915mm
Tip diameter: approx. 1.7mm
Original diameter: approx. 5.3mm
Number of joints: 2 piece inro joints
*Champion ferrule specifications
Compatible lure: 1-7g
Compatible line: 3-10lb
Action: Medium
Power: SUL
Guide: stainless steel SIC
Weight: approx. 15g

・Warranty (current address must be within Japan)
・Enshu cotton pongee bag (color: earth)
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