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ferrule collar
ROMAN is a mainstream finesse rod.
6ft5in when equipped with 350mm special grip.

The lineup includes two types: bait and spinning.

A blank that targets 20cm class trout as its main target, but has the power to prevent large trout from taking the initiative.

In order to achieve the development concept, it is made into 3 pieces, and only the tip section uses a glass composite material with excellent flexibility, allowing for the coexistence of power and finesse.

While it has the power to expand the range of fishing, the flexible tip provides delicate operability, makes it easy to catch small hits, and makes it difficult to break apart.

Blanks were developed at a domestic carbon factory that Japan is proud of.
Made in JAPAN products

*Only blanks are sold, so grips are not included.

Bait type/spinning type

●Ferrule color

<Product specifications>
Total length: 1690mm
Tip diameter: approx. 1.9mm
Original diameter: approx. 7.4mm
Number of joints: 3 piece inro joints
*Ferrule specifications
Compatible lure: 5-15g
Compatible line: 6-16lb
Action: Regular first
Weight: 30g

Rod bag, warranty
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