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ferrule collar
Portability was not the only aim.

A truly functional telescopic rod for mountain stream specialists.

Fishing in mountain streams is often blocked by waterfalls and rocky areas.

Fishing that often breaks through with both hands open by [Takamaki]

Multi-piece rods are troublesome when closing...

Thorough attention has been paid to the rod action, creating a feel like a one-piece rod.

It's a stress-free rod that you'll want to carry with you wherever you go, as it can be used on motorcycles, in public institutions, and as a travel companion.

The self-weight caused by the large number of joints, which is often seen as a disadvantage of telescopic rods, can be used as an advantage through an inverted concept, and by combining glass composite materials, comfortable casting action is created by the ease of bending. realization.

Telesco rod guides generally use "induction guides" developed for bait fishing rods, but we paid special attention to the guide settings, and fixed the lure guide to a specially designed guide pipe.

This solves problems such as rotation due to loosening of the guide, line entanglement, and the disadvantages of the cheap-looking induction guide, giving an impression that you can't tell it's a telescopic rod when it's stretched out.

We devised a 3WAY rod case that can be accommodated in a variety of storage methods while minimizing damage.
In order to completely eliminate damage, the rod must be completely retracted to completely shut down external shocks and pressure.

*The handle is not included, so please purchase it separately.

Type: Bait type/Spinning type
Ferrule color: black/silver

<Product specifications>
Length: 4'3” (with 235mm grip attached)
Lure: 2~7g
Line: 3~10lb
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