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Hitotoki Works

Burlwood Spinning Grip Kit BRRS-KIT-235

Burlwood Spinning Grip Kit BRRS-KIT-235

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metal color
end cap
A 235mm long spinning grip kit made from burl wood.
This is a great value assembly kit that allows you to get Hitotoki Works' Trout Grip for just the cost of the parts.

Fishing with tackle that you have made yourself can make regular fishing much more enjoyable.

*The image is an assembly image.

Burl wood is a wood that matches the luxurious atmosphere of a mountain stream.

The carbon pipes are pre-cut to the required length, making this an easy-to-assemble kit that allows you to create a grip joint type grip by simply filling in the gaps and gluing.

- Head cap color can be selected from black or silver.
- End parts can be selected from black EVA or rubber cork.

*Unlike Hitotoki Works' original grip, the butt end has no logo.

*Due to the nature of the product, the pattern and color of the natural wood may differ from the image, and there may be small scratches on the surface.
Please note that metal parts may also have differences in color or very small scratches.

<Product Details>
●Grip joint system ●Burl wood seat base BR-US
●Spinning metal parts for wood seats SP-UMP
●Carbon pipe approx. 160mm
●Wesp-24 EVA spacer for wooden reel seats
●Rubber cork grip RC27SHG-11
●Butt end cap BE27-5
●25g two-component epoxy bond
Tesa Tape
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